Frequently Asked Questions

How do I assemble my Shuttlegauge?

Shuttle Gauge® can be assembled in 2 easy steps! Simply follow how it’s shown in the images below.

How do I use my Shuttlegauge?

1. Begin with a new 265 gallon IBC.
2. For clarity until the very bottom of your IBC, position your Shuttle Gauge between the cage and the bladder on the middle of the longest side with the most liquid level.
3. No need to level the shuttle.
4. Mark off the product you need with a paint pen and it will stay accurate as you keep withdrawing product.

What if I need to move the IBC from where it was first used and zeroed?

Simply note the liters left in your IBC and realign the level to the amount on your Shuttle Gauge.

Where is Shuttle Gauge from?

Invented and designed in the heart of Western Australia, Shuttle Gauge has been successfully operating since 2017 with products currently in use all around Australia.  In April 2019, Shuttle Gauge launched in the USA and Canada through a partnership with distributor Paul Walker from Hartline Heritage Farm ( in Hartline, Washington.