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    What is Shuttle Gauge?

    Are you having a hard time measuring liquids in your bulk containers?

    Are you currently using:

    • Are you having a hard time measuring liquids in your bulk containers?
    • Double handling your product because of graduated hoppers and electric pumps that are slow?
    • Decanting your product into measuring buckets and increasing exposure to your operators and work environment?

    Shuttle Gauge® is “The simple solution for measurement of liquid in IBC`s”

    Shuttle Gauge® is calibrated using the very popular Schutz 1000L IBC. It’s designed to be simple, efficient, and most of all, accurate.

    Shuttle Gauge® is rigorously tested in Bencubbin, on a dryland grain farm located in the centre of Western Australia’s wheatbelt.

    Shuttle Gauge® has over 5,000 operations, including Canada and the USA. Get Shuttle Gauge® today to ease your work process and increase business productivity today!
    Worldwide patents have been filed for our unique measurement apparatus. Now is the best time to become a Shuttle Gauge® distributor. Contact us for more details about supply.

    The best solution to measuring liquid in IBCs.

    shuttle-gauge-details-3No more guesswork with one simple device.

    Shuttle Gauge® is a measuring device that is calibrated and adjustable. Attach it easily between the cage and the bladder of your IBC.

    shuttle-gauge-details-2Save money by minimising waste

    When your IBC is full, adjust the Shuttle Gauge® to “zero” so the amount of liquid can be gauged. No need to level your IBC because of the compensatory effect of liquid trapped in a cube. For your 265 gallon US Gauge, the measurements are in 2.5g increments.

    I was always guessing amounts out of shuttles , and wanted something other than a litre metre.  Shuttle gauges are the best

    Damian Harris
    Cooma farming – Binnu, WA